Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

        Being a Hurdler:  Mindset Matters! 

We are at that time of year in which each staff member becomes a hurdler. One definition of hurdling is: the act of running and jumping over an obstacle at speed. This is very stressful for some and exhilarating to others, depending on your mindset.

I want to help remind you some of the hurdles:

  • Blue Literacy folders are kept in Brenda Milum’s room. It is required that BOY, MOY, and EOY SCORED writing pieces be added. If you want my help in securing the folders OR clarify the directions- please ask.
  • iStation: Reading and Math ISIP for May is completed for ALL students. Please check your reports to verify that all scores are showing.
  • PLPs: We will be completing 2015-2016 PLPs in your PLCs for the next 2 weeks. Please make sure you have thought about your district, campus and individual goals prior to coming. I realize that our teams are changing as we add new teachers and students to each grade level for this coming year. There are many individual goals that are universal to all teachers, no matter what content we teach. We all need to work on literacy strategies, vocabulary development, ELL support, questioning strategies, small group instruction etc.
  • Eduphoria: K-2: enter reading text level & writing stages into Eduphoria for each student. 3-5: enter writing stages for all students and a reading text level if a Tier 3 student.

The biggest lesson a hurdler has to learn is that even though they may hit, stumble and even fall down due to a hurdle-they must get up and finish the race. With the right mindset, we can finish strong together-please reach out to me if I can assist you.