Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec. 14, 2015

PTA is providing our scholars a unique opportunity at our school on January 22nd because "Dinosaur George: Museum in the Classroom" will be here!!

"Dinosaur George: Museum in the Classroom" gives students the unique opportunity to see exhibits of prehistoric life from around the world, with over 150 museum quality exhibit pieces from the earliest life on earth. From giant Texas reptiles, to dinosaurs and Ice Age mammals, students will see firsthand some of the creatures that once roamed Texas. Dinosaur George: Museum in the Classroom provides a fun learning environment in Spanish and English! During the exhibit, staff experts will be on hand to answer questions, and Museum in the Classroom is a self-guided tour so that teachers and students can learn at their own pace. Dinosaur George: Museum in the Classroom is one of the largest traveling school exhibits in the country."

Please plan to take time as a team to look at the lessons provided (in English and Spanish) to see how you can enrich this great learning opportunity. The lessons are in science, math and language arts. Be prepared to share your ideas in January at PLC.

TEKS Connections to Dinosaur George (scroll down to middle of page)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec. 7 2015

I wanted to highlight some updates that have been added to our district curriculum Google site for easy access.  

  • ONLINE TEXTBOOK ACCESS - it gives specific directions on how you and your students can access resources along with QR codes to use with students.  This is inclusive of Texas Treasures-reading, Pearson Easy Bridge-social studies, ThinkCentral-math, and STEMscopes-science
  • RTI - actually links to the Personalized Learning Google Site which also includes
    • all of the MATH progress monitoring, 
    • RTI, 
    • Five Phase information
    • PLP (student goal setting)
  • COMMON INSTRUCTIONAL EXPECTATIONS: these documents are also embedded within the curriculum

If you are interested in having an instructional coach come meet with you or your team about the new Pearson Easy Bridge resources or ThinkCentral please let me know so I can get that scheduled.  

Nov. 30, 2015

This week is my favorite of all holidays because it is not about gift giving.  The gift of time to enjoy family and friends and the ability to just slow down is essential to my mental and physical health.  As we go back to school, know in your heart that YOU make an impact in each student's life and be THANKFUL for that opportunity.  Here is my "thankful list" of the reality I live- not my "dream life of being a princess with unlimited funds"! (Actually, my list would be the same minus timelines because I would have more $ to provide myself help.)

Timelines that give me structure
Humor because I love to laugh
Autonomy that allows me to figure it out
Nice people who care
Knowledge that is always growing
Family & friends that keep me grounded
Unity and teamwork makes me better
Loyalty for a purpose bigger than myself

What does your THANKFUL acrostic look like?  Please send it to me and I will be posting them in my room!