Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holiday STEM Design Challenges 12/12/16

This week of school is an exciting time for our scholars!! One way to join in their excitement is to give them a holiday specific design challenge!! I will be sharing with you via email two design challenges: The Final Snowman Stretch (primary-How tall can you build a snowman?) and Jingle All the Way (intermediate- Because the reindeer are getting older a new sleigh needs to be designed!)
I know you can adapt either of these for you scholars.

I leave you with a funny poem for teachers and hope your holiday is full of friends, family, and be sure to take a little time for yourself too! You all deserve it!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Being a Teacher Blog Post 12/5/16

The countdown to our winter break is hectic to say the least with students who seem to have more unfocused energy than ever. I read a blog I follow by George Couros and thought I would share it with you because his view of reality along with his encouragement is perfect to hear at this time of year! Even when we think our directions are clear, sometimes we just have to take a deep breathe and state them in a different way. I especially LOVE his last line...Continue to be the positive moment that kids will remember years from now. Isn't that why we teach?

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Being a Teacher
November 29, 2016 by George Couros (follow his blog)

This time of year can be emotionally exhausting, so here is something that might brighten up your day. Watch the GIF below of a dad teaching his son to hit a baseball and telling him to “keep his eye on the ball”:

I laughed hysterically at this when I first saw it, and then thought about how hard it is to be a teacher. The emotional roller coaster that a teacher can go on in a single day, hour, minute, is exemplified in this post.

Watch it again:
What do you see in a short span with the dad?
I see the following…


All things teachers can feel in a matter of seconds.
Thank you teachers for all that you do. I know that this is insanely tough job, but I appreciate all that you do to not only get your kids better, but to become better yourselves. The hardest part of being a teacher is knowing that you will never truly know the full impact of what you do. Just know that the best teachers make a difference.

Continue to be the positive moment that kids will remember years from now.